Exhibitor Testimonials

Carolina Reis, commercial director at Meu Financiamento Solar

“For Meu Solar Financing, whose mission is to make solar energy more accessible to everyone, being at Intersolar, which is the largest fair in the sector, is extremely important for the company to follow the main trends in renewable energy, to strengthen our relationship with partners and experts in the solar energy market and contribute with solutions to the urgent problems that Brazil and the world face with regard to the energy matrix.

I noticed a great demand for micro converters, more efficient panels, panels for facades, chargers for electric and hybrid cars powered by solar energy and also for lithium batteries. I also noticed the increase in people's interest in expanding the production of solar energy in order to meet the demand for electric and hybrid cars, which should see significant growth in the country in the near future."

Bruno Catta Preta, commercial director at Genyx

"Intersolar is the most important fair in the Brazilian solar sector, an opportunity for Genyx to show its products and integrators to get to know the team and the company more deeply.

The fair exceeded our expectations, our booth remained full during the three days of the event. The launch of new products, such as the XPOWER brand modules, the exhibition of the spectacular Smartflower and the lectures of the Energenyx program with market experts featured names such as Bárbara Rubim (VP of Absolar and CEO of Bright Strategies, Gustavo Cerbasi (writer, consultant) financial), among other names in the sector.

For 2022, we expect the launch of modules with increasing power, surpassing 800 wp, another trend is the expansion of the use of MLPE technology, in addition to new credit lines with the entry of new players. We know that the issue is very important for business expansion. There is still a strong demand for plants at the limit of microgeneration (75 kWp)."

Javier Reclusa, CEO of STI Norland

"Due to its importance for the sector and also for being the market leader in solar trackers in Latin America, it is very important for us to be at this event. In addition, this moment of resumption of in-person events is, without a doubt, fundamental for us to strengthen our networking with the entire ecosystem of stakeholders in this huge sector that is in full expansion.

I believe that the solar energy market is moving towards being increasingly efficient in the generation of clean energy on a large scale, with technologies that have been developing quickly and assertively, such as equipment that follow the movement of the sun and also bifacial modules , a new bet for energy efficiency."

Márcio Osli, director of the solar energy unit at Intelbras

"Intelbras' evaluation was very positive, we noticed many business and relationship opportunities, and the public and the organization were surprising. We are very happy with our participation in this event.

Intelbras projects strong growth in the solar market in Brazil. We know that the approval of PL 5829 in the Chamber of Deputies gave us legal certainty to work with solar energy for the next 10, 15, 20 years with peace of mind, giving consumers the opportunity to reduce their electricity bill, which is a cost that impacts all sectors of the economy."

Gustavo Müller Martins, General Director at Renovigi

"This fair represents a resumption of events, with intense movement, very beautiful and well organized, showing an increase in relation to the previous edition, so we are very satisfied.

Renovigi has been in the Brazilian solar energy market since the beginning, so we have been following the increase in public interest in recent years. We also noticed greater interest from partner companies, the number of integrators and accredited companies has increased a lot. We see the market becoming more professional and becoming very attractive for those starting new businesses.

The solar energy sector has a lot to grow and evolve. The generation of energy for commercial and residential self-consumption is just beginning, we still have a small share in the matrix, so we are betting, for the next twenty years, on a very interesting growth potential."