Exhibition Segments

Efficient distribution and use of renewably generated electricity and heat as well as intelligent energy management within smart grids and microgrids, neighborhoods and buildings – that is Eletrotec+EM-Power South America.

Here you'll find the exhibition segments in detail.

Smart Grids & Integration of Renewable Energies

  • Electricity trading and marketing, Grids
    • Electricity trading and marketing tools
    • Grid system services
    • Grid infrastructure (Transformers, substations, secondary substations)
    • Management of medium and low-voltage grids
    • Smart Metering
  • Smart Renewable Energy
    • Products and services for smart grids
    • Products and services for microgrids
    • Vitual power plants / combined power plants
    • Weather and performance / yield forecasts for renewable power plants
    • Software for analysis and simulation of energy systems

Smart Buildings & Districts

  • Energy management & Building automation
    • Energy management, -monitoring and -controlling
    • Building automation (Smart home/building)
    • Software for building design and facility management (BIM/CAFM)
    • Other energy efficiency technologies (e.g. LEDs, heat recovery)
  • Decentralized and renewable energy-supply
    • Combined heat, (cooling) and power systems
    • Biomass heating systems
    • Power-to-heat & conversion (e.g. heat pumps)
    • Small wind turbines
    • Systems and plant engineering (e.g. Heat storage, pumps)

Commercial & Industrial Energy Services

  • Flexibility Management (Load Management/Demand Response)
  • Energy procurement and contract management
  • Energy contracting
  • Carbon Footprint Calculation, Reduction and Offsetting
  • Auditing and Certification
  • Other Energy services