Setting the benchmark for the renewable energy industry: Conference highlights of LATAM’s Innovation Hub for the New Energy World released

Press Release – Tuesday, June 18, 2024

São Paulo/Pforzheim, June 18, 2024: Brazil can claim to be a beacon in renewable energy. In 2023, 93.1% of Brazil’s electricity came from renewable energy, with solar energy as the second largest source after hydropower with 37.2 GW or 16.5%. Of that, decentralized solar energy accounted for 70%, while centralized solar energy accounted for 30%.
The smarter E South America 2024 Conferences Intersolar, ees, Power2Drive and Eletrotec+EM-Power, aim to set the benchmark for the renewable energy industry. They address market development, technical and regulatory challenges and opportunities, and feature expert presentations on a variety of topics including solar energy, grid infrastructure, energy storage, green hydrogen and electric mobility.

Intersolar South America Conference, August 27–29, 2024
The Brazilian Solar Photovoltaic Association (ABSOLAR) predicts that distributed solar installations will remain central to the market in 2024, with an expected addition of 5.98 GW. Centralized installations are anticipated to contribute another 3.4 GW, bringing the total new installed capacity to 9.38 GW, slightly lower than the 10.8 GW added in 2023.

This growth presents significant opportunities for new businesses, investments, job creation, and the upgrading of the Brazilian energy mix. However, it also brings several technical, socio-economic, and regulatory challenges. The factors contributing to the success of solar PV in Brazil will be delved into at this year’s Intersolar South America Conference.

The conference will cover a wide range of topics including New Strategies for a Transforming Energy Sector, Distributed Solar PV Self-Generation, Large-Scale Solar PV, PV Solutions for Agribusiness, Opportunities for Solar Players in the Renewable Hydrogen Economy, Photovoltaic Trends Hitting the Market (Floating PV & Solar + Storage), PV Quality, Supply Chain, O&M Challenges, PV Plant Monitoring, Artificial Intelligence Applications, Strengthening the Circular Economy in the PV Industry.

These topics will be addressed in numerous presentations and will be the focus of panel discussions among leading industry experts over the three-day event designed to appeal to an increasingly demanding and discerning audience.

ees South America Conference, August 28–29, 2024
The Brazilian electricity market is changing as the country expands its generation of weather-dependent renewable wind and solar energy. At the same time, electricity consumption is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. As hydroelectricity has been increasingly affected by droughts, new projects are being implemented to supplement it. Also, isolated regions in the north of the country still rely entirely on diesel or gas to generate electricity.

One solution to the many challenges of intermittent power generation is to build storage capacity. Innovative approaches can link up individual sectors such as electricity, heating, cooling and mobility. If Brazil is to take advantage of advanced battery technology, its legal, technical, educational, and economic frameworks need to be analysed and, in some cases, improved. These steps can directly enable the use of battery storage and e-mobility.

The ees South America Conference is the main platform to discuss issues related to energy storage and batteries in Brazil. The conference will provide strategic information on opportunities related to reserve capacity, off-grid systems and ongoing commercial and industrial projects, in addition to sharing the latest news on the development of the national production chain. It is a unique opportunity to expand knowledge and networking in the field of energy storage and green hydrogen.

As for the latter, Brazil’s competitiveness in the emerging global green hydrogen economy as well as opportunities in the domestic market will be examined.

Power2Drive South America Conference August 29, 2024
The development of charging infrastructure for electric mobility is gaining momentum in Brazil. The government has initiated several programs to promote EV adoption, including subsidies for EV purchases and tax incentives for investments in renewable energy sources to power charging stations. Major cities like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are seeing the rollout of charging stations, primarily driven by private companies and partnerships. However, challenges such as high costs, regulatory hurdles and limited public awareness still prevent rapid infrastructure expansion.

To fully realize the potential of electric mobility in Brazil, a concerted effort involving government, industry, and consumers is essential. Policies that encourage public and private investments, standardise charging infrastructure, and promote consumer education on the benefits of EVs are crucial. Additionally, leveraging Brazil’s vast renewable energy resources can provide a sustainable and reliable power source for EV charging networks. As Brazil continues to build its charging infrastructure, learning from the experiences of global leaders and tailoring solutions to local conditions will be key to fostering a robust and resilient electric mobility ecosystem.

The Power2Drive Conference provides an atmosphere of knowledge and advanced technology as an essential ingredient for discussing and promoting advancements in e-mobility and charging infrastructure, as global experts gather to look into the latest trends and innovations in electric mobility and take advantage of valuable networking.

Eletrotec+EM-Power Conference, August 27–29, 2024
The energy transition is a global agenda, and Brazil already has a privileged energy mix, with around 50 per cent hydroelectric power (>100 GW), in addition to solar, wind and biomass sources. Photovoltaic energy in particular has been breaking records in supplying peak demand. However, the stability of the national power system require non-dispatchable renewable sources and innovative solutions to cope with the volatility of generation. This is the macro view of the issue. But new technical requirements are also emerging in the micro environment of distributed generation.

The Eletrotec+EM Power 2024 conference has been designed for that scenario. In keeping with the tradition of its predecessor ENIE, the conference covers an update on ABNT’s technical standards, case studies on electrical installations, and an overview of energy infrastructure solutions. The program starts by anticipating trends in technical standards currently being drafted or revised, such as the one about incident energy on electric arcs. Next, a full day exclusively dedicated to the topic of lightning protection will follow: isolated and non-isolated systems will be compared as to their protection capabilities, and remote monitoring of surge protection prevention in open areas, as well as accidents with non-connecting leaders.

Other installation topics will highlight, for example, BIPV photovoltaic applications – a technology that is still in its early stages in Brazil –, computer vision of electrical systems, fatal accidents caused by electric shock in residences, and the importance of installation records required by regulations. The topic closing the conference will be the maintenance practice of a large energy storage system, a highly promising area for ensuring the stability of a power system.

Conference tickets for The smarter E South America 2024 are conveniently available from the online ticket shop . All conference tickets include admission to any session from Intersolar South America Conference, ees South America Conference, Power2Drive South America Conference, and Eletrotec+EM-Power South America Conference, as well as admission to the exhibition for the covered period

About The smarter E South America
By uniting four parallel exhibitions, The smarter E South America is LATAM’s largest platform for the new energy and mobility world. Following the vision of a renewable, decentralized and digital energy world and a sustainable mobility future, The smarter E South America takes a comprehensive approach by presenting cross-sector solutions and technologies. It creates opportunities to address all key areas across sectors and industries. Focusing on the interplay of power generation, storage, energy management and e-mobility, The smarter E South America brings together international stakeholders of the energy and mobility future from across the world’s most influential markets.

In 2023, The smarter E South America welcome nearly 50,000 visitors who came to learn about the products and services of 530+ Brazilian and international exhibitors.

The smarter E South America will take place at the Expo Center Norte in São Paulo, Brazil, on August 27–29, 2024 bringing together the following exhibitions:

  • Intersolar South America: LATAM's Largest Exhibition and Conference for the Solar Industry
  • ees South America: LATAM’s Key Event for Batteries & Energy Storage Systems
  • Eletrotec+EM-Power South America: The Exhibition for Electrical Infrastructure and Energy Management
  • Power2Drive South America: The LATAM’s Key Exhibition and Conference for Charging Infrastructure and E-Mobility

Organisers: The smarter E South America is organised by Solar Promotion International GmbH, Pforzheim, Freiburg Management and Marketing International GmbH (FMMI) and Aranda Eventos & Congressos Ltda, São Paulo as the co-organiser.

The smarter E South America 2024
Date: August 27–29, 2024
Exhibition times: from Noon to 8pm
Conference times: from 9am to 8pm
Expo Center Norte – São Paulo, Brazil
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