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Brazil’s 2050 National Energy Plan: Digitalization drives integration of distributed energy resources

Brazil’s 2050 National Energy Plan (NEP 2050) emphasizes the importance of integrating distributed energy resources (DER) and discusses the growing use of digital systems that make automated, decentralized decisions following Industry 4.0 protocols, and of blockchain decentralization for greater…


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Five questions to players in the renewable energy world

Tina Barroso, Hypatia network for women in the energy sector/ Conexio


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Behind-The-Meter Energy Storage in Brazil

Brazil has an extensive track record in renewable energy generation and has, more recently, attracted international attention by its rapidly growing solar sector. In 2019 2 GW of new PV capacity have been connected to the grid and for coming years the outlook continues to be bright.

Energy storage,…


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Average solar power price in Brazilian A-6 auction reaches $20.52/MWh

Only 530 MW of the 2.97 GW of renewable energy generation capacity contracted in the procurement exercise went to solar. Eleven solar projects were successful and their final electricity prices were far below those offered by competing technologies.


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Battery Energy Storage Solutions to Increase Energy Security of Brazilian´s Renewable Energy System

In early 2019, renewables represent around 80% of the Brazil´s electricity supply matrix, one of the largest in the world.