PV Installations 2

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

04:00 pm - 07:30 pm
Expo Center Norte
Cantareira 6 (2nd floor)

04:00 pm - 04:45 pmMetal Corrosion Due to Use of Herbicides on Structures and Equipment of PV Plants

Gabriel Luiz Silva Almeida

R&D Analyst

Termotécnica Para-raios

04:45 pm - 05:30 pmCase Study: Fires in PV Systems Caused by Design or Execution Flaws

Vinicius Ayrão Franco

Technical Director

Blog Vinicius Ayrão

06:00 pm - 07:30 pmEfficient 3 Stage Lightning Protection for Floating PV Plants

Marjan Valand

BDM - Renewables - Americas


Gabriel Luiz Silva Almeida, Termotécnica Para-raios

R&D Analyst


Gabriel Luiz Silva Almeida holds a master's degree in Electrical Energy Systems from UFMG and a degree in Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnical Technician from CEFET/MG. He works as a Research & Development Analyst at Termotécnica Para-Raios and has several articles in his portfolio, presented at congresses and published in international magazines. He is a member of the CE 03:64.10 commission, responsible for the revision of the ABNT NBR 5419 standard, and is part of the technical group of ABRARAIO, an association dedicated to lightning rod and protection systems companies.

Vinicius Ayrão Franco, Blog Vinicius Ayrão

Technical Director


Vinicius Ayrão Franco is an electrical engineer specialized in solar photovoltaic energy, with extensive experience in MMGD projects and self-production. He has developed more than 500 MW of projects for Parecer de Acesso in 24 utilities and was active in the ABNT commission that created the NBR 16690 standard. In addition to being a speaker at industry events, he is an instructor of courses in the area of solar energy electrical installations, having trained more than 600 professionals. Currently, he serves as president of Abracopel, advisor to ABGD and technical director of Sindistal-RJ, playing a crucial role in the advancement of solar energy in Brazil.

Marjan Valand, DEHN SE

BDM - Renewables - Americas


I graduated in year 2000 as Engineer of Science - electrotechnical engineering in field of Automation. During and 1 year after my study I was involved in a construction of an own 20kW wind turbine generator and for this purpose I designed and built several electronic systems for it. This was my entry into the industry of renewable energy sources. Later I was working as a technical sales for 5 years in the IT industry (3 years for company IBM) and then 7 years in the Zinc Air-alkaline battery manufacturing firm ISKRA where I had 3 roles in parallel; primary role was strategic account management and in addition coordination of R&D department and management of strategic purchasing. I joined lightning and surge protection industry in 2015 where I work as BDM Renewables since 2019 and where I am responsible for discovering new protection solutions for our customers, coordinate their development and support sales people once we launch new solutions to the market.

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